Genie A Corey Memorial Golf Outting

Please forward to others in your foursomes, anyone pc/electronically challenged, or, anyone else I may have just inadvertently missed. I thank you in advance for your help! Looking forward... Sam
Ps. see attached 2014 pictures + read below, or see attached rules and other pertinent info.


Genie A Corey Memorial

Golf Outing

Yes indeedy…it’s that time of the year again! The 2015 Genie A Corey Memorial Golf Outing is right around the corner. That corner would be Saturday September 26th…the corner of Hillcrest Country Club and route 56 in Lower Burrell, PA

That would be everything the same as last year. Golf will be $40 bucks “same as last year” and donations will be separate. You know…throw a buck or two in the fish bowl for our charity:

The Apollo Library

“Genie A. Corey Children’s Reading Room”


Again, if you still have kiddies of age …or, friends of ours that would more likely be “grand kiddies” this library is hidden treasure like no other…honest engine! They have an incredible collection of children books for all ages.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the Christmas tree display with signed ornaments from 23 years of Genies students. I plan to photograph and e-mail the .jpeg files so you can see the names. I’m certain you will recognize names “those kiddies” all “growd” up nowJ …some taking their kids to the library.

Allllrighty then…in short: We’ll begin tee times around 1:30. If you need an early or later tee time…just let me know. We were able to accommodate all of those requests last year. Golf…followed by an after party…again, “same as last year” just down the road on route 56 @ The Blind Pig Saloon. Make a right out of the parking lot and follow route 56 west until you get there…no turns!

There will be printed directions for you when you register as well.

For more Blind Pig info:


Captains oh captains* as you have so graciously have done in past events…please help hustle up and gather your foursomes. Get the names if you are able otherwise…just let us know it’s you + 3 in for sure. That will be gooder enuffer for all intents n’at:)

Other pertinent course and club info can be found on Hillcrest CC websites, directions, etc.


Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us at any time if you have any questions or just RSVP:

…by cell:

Sam #724-304-1816 / Cindy’s #724-396-7373


Sam - / Cindy’s -



*Robin Williams_Dead Poets Society_1989


Registration: BJ and KB:

Golf: cash or checks made to me please [$40.]
Donations: cash or checks made to the Apollo Library w/memo Genie A. Corey reading room – fish bowl [$ whatever you can spare? ]
Pass out rules sheet and directions to the Blind Pig – pay for food and drinks there please
Update e-mail addresses – changes only


Rules: #11 - throw your 3rd shot and don’t count it

                   #18 - opposite hand putt – leave blade putter “in the hole” - twist tie to flag?

“Optional” skins and CP game: [$10] per person: mark closest to pins on par 3’s – last group pick up markers please / CP’s and skins divied up evenly…know what I mean, Vern?


Directions to the Blind Pig for after party: corner of 7th St and route 366 in New Kensington, PA 15068- cross corner from Valley High School track – across the street from Rite Aid drug store: make a right out of the golf course on to route 56 west and stay on it until you get there “there are no turns off of 56 west!”


The course website, direction, etc:


 Dinner, directions, etc: