We're Back!!!!

We’re baaaack! 

          Hi there folks, just an fyi: The eagle has landed!

Blue Olive Galleries technically…but, more literally Blue Olive “Framing” and “Portraits Ink” has moved…to Lower Burrell, PA. L.B. is just a hoot and a holler from The Pittsburgh Mills. There plain wasn’t enough room for much of the gallery part. 

The good news is: There is much more time and energy for the “craftsman quality custom framing” and lifelike “ink and graphite portraits” you have come to know and love… I hope? Another change is the nearly “no overhead pricing” from the already very affordable pricing I do know you loved at our five years at The Mills  Well, there was five years of art and material at least…what an accumulation! Speaking of: be sure to swing by the June 27th. It is the “block sale” in our neighborhood. A lot of this “stuff” must go I say! 

Anyway, call anytime for an appointment “at your convenience” to visit the frame shop / portrait studio. 

Visit the new website, like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, yada yada Linked In, Instagram, etcetera etceteraJ Yep, we are even sucked into that social media thing, that’s the trade for brick and mortar I reckon?


Thanks a bunch


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